Carter & Ammon Moments (Back to back)

Our holding hands evening, and the 1st Day of Spring
March 20, 2012 (Tuesday)

The two sweet things happened minutes apart but both meant SO MUCH. With the onset of Daylight Savings Time,  our chore schedule inside and outside the house shifts.  Since the time has changed and it so warm in the evenings, we have returned to jogging about an hour before darkness sets in. We also eat dinner earlier and feed the Coonhounds earlier.

After dinner, Ammon, Carter, and I had gathered up the Coonhounds’ dog food, and we headed to the barn.  The three dog food pans with the moist kibble, bread, and lunch meat probably weigh approximately 5 pounds in total, so I carry them. Ammon and Carter were lagging behind playing, and I was headed to the dog lot. I turned around to see Carter running up behind me. I thought he was going to ask to carry a pan; however, upon reaching me, he went to my left side with my free hand and placed his hand in mine so he could walk with me to the barn. I smiled, and My Daddy H heart was thrilled and soft. Ammon joined us in a few seconds, and we entered the dog lot.

Upon feeding the dogs, we three exited the lot. Carter ran ahead to the swing set, and this time Ammon joined me and took my hand. I smiled again and thought about how 3 minutes earlier Carter had taken my hand, but this time, I had some dog food grease on it. I looked down at Ammon, and I said, “I’m holding your hand lightly because it’s dirty after I fed the dogs.” Without saying a word, Ammon took the back of hand, kissed it, and looked up and smiled. My dirty hand did not matter to her. As Carter, Ammon, and I approached the swings, I said a quick, silent prayer. “God thank you so much for my Carter and Ammon! They are such blessings!”