Happy Sunday!

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After I posted my blog last Sunday regarding worshiping at church, we did not get to go.  Carter had a bad cough and was up several times during the night. I did not set any alarms, and we slept till after 8:00. There was not enough time to get to worship. I truly miss worship when I cannot attend. My soul yearns to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ, sing with the congregation, listen to the preacher/rector, and give back to God of my monetary means. What I miss most is communion. Being a Christian/a follower of Jesus Christ and partaking of the bread that represents his body on the cross and sipping the fruit of the vine that represents his blood that was shed for me and all the billions of people on the earth for the remission of our sins is what puts my heart and soul in “communion” with all the billions of saints who are partaking of the Lord’s supper with me. I know everyone doesn’t take communion every Sunday, but if you do take communion today or in the very near future, please know that you are in my thoughts and Christian fellowship. God bless you all and Happy Sunday.