“Peace be unto You”

Jesus the Master Teacher: Lladró

John 20:26

“…Then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in their
midst and said, ‘Peace be unto you.’”

As I said a few days ago, I wanted to introduce you to my
favorite piece of Lladró. In 2000, I landed in Spain June 7, and I returned
about June 27. For almost three weeks, I searched from Madrid to Málaga to
Santander back to Madrid for the perfect piece of Lladró that fit my budget and
my life. My next to the last day I found it: Jesus the Master Teacher. Not just
Jesus the Master Teacher, but Jesus my friend, my brother, and my Lord and
savior. I also got several other pieces.

Jesus sat on my Nanny’s sideboard until 2004 when we moved
into the house we live in now.  He then took his rightful place over the fireplace mantel that is in our living room which is situated in the middle of our house. No matter what season of the year it is or what seasonal decorations are in the living room Jesus doesn’t leave his place. All decorations as well as the entire house have Jesus as its center. It is symbolic because he needs to be the center of my peace and my life. I hope this picture helps you  fix yourself for a few moments on Jesus, and I
hope the words I’ve written fall upon your hearts  and help bring you peace today.