Windsor Castle

It was our 2nd visit to Windsor Castle. Sean and I were there in 2007 as well.

Windsor Castle is just about as old as the Tower of London.
William the Conqueror built both of them after his invasion of 1066. It is
incredible that it has stood (remodeled and added on of course) for over 900
years. It is still Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite home. It should be. It is
where she grew up and still lives the majority of the year. Her parents and her
sister are buried at St. George’s Chapel along with her grandparents, King
Henry VIII, and his favorite wife, Jane Seymour.

Elizabeth the Queen Mother

I mentioned Queen Elizabeth’s parents. I had a special
liking for her mother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother.


Elizabeth the Queen Mother

She reminded me of my Nanny
and Granddaddy’s generation. Like many people have labeled them, I agree 100%
that they were the greatest generation. They had a sense of justice/what was
good and true in the world and a love of liberty that we just don’t have or
appreciate. During the London Blitz of World War II, The Queen Mother and King
George VI, Elizabeth II’s parents, would leave Windsor every morning by some
heavily guarded train system and go to London. As a matter of fact, the king
and queen were at Buckingham Palace for the day (13 September 1940) when
Buckingham was bombed! During all that time, the Queen Mother refused to leave
London/Windsor. She knew the city needed her. You see, I could imagine my Nanny
doing the exact same thing in Varnell. I know that if a Nazi storm trooper
placed a foot in her yard, she would get out her shot gun, a hoe, a pitch fork,
or whatever she could get a hold of to defend the land and the family she
loved so dearly.

Haven, Ammon, Sean, & Carter: Windsor Castle

Haven, Carter, Nana, & Ammon: Windsor Castle

Several weeks ago, we had a splendid time at Windsor. Carter
and Ammon got to walk through the castle (I think their favorite thing was
Queen Mary’s doll house) and enjoy the grounds (their chicken nuggets at
Windsor Town’s McDonalds were good too). It was a beautiful sunny day, and a
good time was had by all. I especially enjoyed spending a few moments at St.
George’s Chapel paying my respects to the Queen Mother & George VI and thanking God for
her, my Nanny and Granddaddy, and all the freedom lovers of this world.

St. George’s Chapel: Windsor