Costa Rica/Carter & Ammon look for Dora the Explorer

Ammon & Carter in the Costa Rican Rain Forest

The more I see of Dora the Explorer from  Nickelodeon, her home in the rain forest, and parts of Central America, the more I think she is suppose to be from Costa Rica. A memorable part of Ammon and Carter’s recent cruise was a tram ride in the Costa Rican Rain Forest. It was so much like an episode from Dora where Dora and her friends play Hide and Go Seek.

Tram in the Rain Forest: Quick , was that Señor Tucán?

The last character to find in the episode is Señor Tucán (coincidence that it is Costa Rica’s national bird). The mode of transportation to find the toucan is a tram through the Rain Forest. Carter and Ammon got take a tram ride through the Costa Rican Rain Forest. The guide for Ammon and Carter’s tram was more interested in the flora, but the guide behind pointed out animals such as a sleeping sloth. Dora’s episode shows a sloth hanging upside down.

I think Dora is supposed to be a representative of all Hispanic children, but she does live in a rain forest. I have lived in the Yucatan near Rain Forests, and we did not have any trams, toucans, or sloths running around. Hey, Daddy H is thinking Dora is Costa Rican….we kinda have some proof now.