Whistling in the Mornings (Granddaddy)

Man I wish I could get up in the morning whistling! My Granddaddy could. He absolutely loved to wake up and start the new day. I love starting the new day as well, but my sleepy head takes a few minutes to acclimate to being awake. In about 5 minutes, I am more ready to “take on the day” (especially after a big ol’ cup of coffee!  Woo hoo!) I love and enjoy Sundays like my Granddaddy did too. I loved worshiping with him and my Nanny after spending a great Saturday night with them.  In the Episcopal church in “The Prayers of the People” we often pray for the saints (our family members) who came before us. Every time I hear that prayer I think of my Granddaddy (Troy Caylor…September 10, 1917-March 29,1979 ) who was such a wonderful, Christian example to me. I truly thank God for his love that he showered upon me and all his grandchildren. You people who have a grandfather, give him a call or pay him a visit today, and tell him you love him. Enjoy your Sunday!

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