Dog Days….

…what in April? Doesn’t that start in July? Well, here in this family it’s EVERY DAY! LOL. Allow me to expand.

So far in life, I have had two favorite breeds of dogs: German Shepherds and hound dogs (Coonhounds and Dachshunds particularly). Before a life with babies, I spent a lot of time in the woods (day and night) with my coonhounds.  I have been wanting a picture with Carter and Ammon leading the Coonhounds, but, unfortunately only two of our four made this photo shoot. Sissy was hiding, and Ferd was back up on the mountain behind our house getting exercise.

Several things on my mind to share. 1)I do not know life without dogs, and I do not wish to know life without dogs. I love the heart, soul, and loyalty of a dog. Some of my first snap shots when I was a few days old are of our hound dog, Droop, checking me out in my baby-carry-a-long.  2)Today (April 13) is Ferd, Sissy, and Caleb ‘s coonhound birthday. They are 8 years old today. Their mother, Katie, had them under my bed. At the time, I was told by several dog-loving friends that I should feel honored because Katie wanted to have them near someone she loved and trusted. 3)I am so glad Ammon and Carter love dogs like me. I never encouraged them to lead dogs. It was something they chose to do on their own without me. I am thrilled and nostalgic because I know how much my father loved dogs, my Nanny Caylor loved dogs, and my Nanny Alexander loved dogs, so we’ve started on a 5th generation of dog lovers (F.Y. I…that’s almost 130 years of dog loving in this family!). Hope your Wednesday is a blessed one!


Carter, Caleb, Ammon, & Katie

4 thoughts on “Dog Days….

  1. The house and the road while running feels empty without them. Someday…again…
    I can’t believe they are all that old. Wow.

  2. Happy Birthday Ferd, Sissy and Caleb. Cute picture with the kiddos. We had a great Wednesday! Spent with friends and an evening bowling with friends and family. We’re having amazing weather here in Okinawa, Japan! Cheers to an even better Thursday! 🙂

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