Is a patient person lucky?

Is a patient person lucky?

I believe there is a combination to luck: Patience, a keen eye, and God’s hand. I never found a 4 leaf clover until I was 23! I had friends who could find handfuls of 4 leaf clovers, and I was envious.  My final year of undergraduate college was 1988-1989. I had been praying for a teaching job all that year, but I really “turned up the volume” about January. By the end of June, there was still NOTHING in sight. I didn’t even have a part-time job! I felt awful! I know it was a coincidence and all happened in God’s time, but about the last week of June I found a 5 LEAF CLOVER in our yard. I picked it and it put it in a scrapbook. The next day, where I had applied for a part-time job called to offer me work, and a day later, a personnel director called to set up an interview for me a teaching position. A principal had been looking for someone with my qualifications for 5 months, and he went to the personnel director “one more time” to look for someone like me. I interviewed and got the job!

I always add a prayer when I find a 4 leaf clover. To me it is like faith and works. The clover is a symbol/an outward appearance of faith which is our trust in God, and our trust in Him develops our patience. Ammon, Carter, and I found 3 four leaf clovers the other day. It took patience and a keen eye, and we added prayers to God that He would grant us the wishes we made. Friends and family, be patient in your life today, keep a keen eye on what is going on around you, and make your wants and desires be known to God.

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