Move over Michael Phelps….

Move over Michael Phelps and Rebecca Soni, here come Carter and Ammon swimming up behind you! It’s the London 2012 Summer Olympics or bust, and my children might take your place on the United States swim team! Nah, just kiddin’! They’re just 2 and a half.

I’ve been so proud to watch Ammon and Carter swim around and make it to the edge of the pool during their lessons. It has been two weeks, and thanks to Mr. Will, their instructor, things are going fine. The school isn’t certifying for lifeguard training, but I am taking comparable lessons, so as to be able to save my family if the necessity arises (let’s hope not!!!!).

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

Carter and Mr. Will


Ammon and Mr. Will

2 thoughts on “Move over Michael Phelps….

  1. Love seeing posts about your twins. My daughter is expecting twins in October and they just found out they will be having a boy and a girl. I have saved the precious voicemail from our four-year-old grandson saying, “Grandma, I going to have a brother and a sister!”

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