Last Classroom Tip!

I could probably spend an hour of lecture and showing examples of this, but I hope I can do it justice in a few paragraphs. In the ESL classroom, I would recommend a Multicultural Station. It may be difficult with physical environment constraints, but maybe you could stack them in plastic boxes.

Okay, it will take several weeks of research and collecting, but it’s doable. When you know the demographics of your students, it is much easier. From the nationalities/cultures of your students you should collect 1)salutations and expressions of courtesy  and TRY to learn to pronounce them correctly 2)translations of some of their legends, poetry, etc. 3)games, and 4)arts and crafts.

The thing about an ESL classroom is that it is dynamic. It USUALLY doesn’t stay stagnate, and you will be welcoming all sorts of students from a variety of different countries at any point in time (In 1995, the Fulton County School System in Georgia had ESL classrooms with 14 different languages in them, and they were always changing). When a new student arrives, spend a day or two (time used at your discretion) and work with the kit with you old students and new student to hopefully acclimate your former students to the culture of the new student, and the new student will be thrilled that you all are welcoming him/her with familiar things they are use to.

12 thoughts on “Last Classroom Tip!

  1. What a great way to make students feel welcome and a part of the classroom. With the ESL station, students will be surrounded by something they are familiar with and are “expert” on. This kit could used to ease the transition or to give the student something to explain to his or her classmates making him the teacher. What a great idea.

  2. This post really inspired me to start thinking about ways I can incorporate a Multicultural Station into my future classroom! You provided us with wonderful ways to make a cultural diverse student’s first days of coming to school better. I love the idea of doing research about his or her particular culture and teaching a lesson or two on it to the whole class. This really does put the ESL student at ease while making him or her feel like he/she is unique and special. Thanks for posting such wonderful ideas! I sure am going to miss reading your blog tips every Monday! 🙂

  3. What a great idea!! My students would really enjoy this center. I think that they would enjoy seeing their own culture represented in my classroom. It would make them feel more confident and comfortable in the room. I think that it would help their communication skills if they can talk about things from their own culture with the other students in the class. It would be neat for me to learn about these things as well. It would definitely help me get to know them better. I will work on this for next year!

  4. Once again, another great idea. This would be a simple way to help the students learn more about their backgrounds and the background of their fellow students. On the front end it sounds like it would take some work but once it is all set up it sounds like something that could be utilized and adapted all year around.

  5. Dr. Caylor, great idea once again! Thanks for all your wonderful insight on ESL instruction. A multicultural station sounds like a wonderful idea to incorporate into my clasroom. This is a simple yet unique way to help all my students. Thanks again for all your help this semester.

  6. This is a wonderful idea! I believe that this idea could be used in a non-ESL classroom as well. Being a special education major, I feel that this idea could be incorporated into a regular center in the classroom. There will be students from different cultures and I could teach the other students about different cultures using your idea of having centers. Due to the fact that there may be different cultures represented, I could change the cultures regularly so that all the cultures will be represented. Thanks for the idea. I believe that I will use this idea in my future classroom.

  7. I like this idea. I think the multicultural station would show students of all cultures that the classroom is an accepting environment and that all cultures are welcomed. Knowing this about one’s classroom makes it easier for the student to assimilate into a new culture.

  8. That idea would be a great ice breaker for new students. I enjoy adding multicultural books to my classroom, and these stations would be a good way to use them. As you mentioned, it not easy to find the time. It seems we get caught up in just keeping our heads above water. This would be worth finding the time to assemble the stations. The students would probably enjoy bringing in things to add to the stations.

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