Parents and grandparents with lots of experience in parenting, what advice can you give on how to slow time down? Time is going by too fast with Carter and Ammon. I had one of those “I want time to stand still just for a minute!” on Monday. We had finished with dinner, and it was time to feed our hound dogs in the barn. They came with me and both did exactly what I asked: They did not harass the dogs as we collected yesterday’s dog bowls and distributed the new bowls. When it was time to leave, they said, “Good bye, and good night” to the dogs and we left the gate.

Carter and Ammon ran ahead of me to return to the house, and when they did, I said to myself, “Are those my children?” It seemed like just a few days ago, they couldn’t even crawl, and I was pushing them in their double stroller through the yard, but it wasn’t a few days ago. It was TWO YEARS ago! I wanted to throw down the dog bowls, snap my fingers, and have time stand still. As quickly as the feeling overtook me, it went away, and we entered the house. The best thing I could think to do was have we three sit on the couch a minute, give hugs, and read a book. Time doesn’t stand still, but we can make every minute count. Let’s spend more time with our friends and loved ones.

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