Ammon Moment

Last Thursday evening, Ammon and Carter overheard a conversation I had with my family. Before going to bed without power on Thursday evening, I said, “If there is no power in the morning, I am going to change the babies, and we are going to go to town and get breakfast and a big ol’ cup of coffee.” We then proceeded with going to bed.

Our life returned to “normal” with power early Friday morning. When the babies woke up around 8:00 a. m. Friday, I greeted Carter and put him on the couch with the television on. He shouted, “Sponge Bob!”.  I then went and got Ammon out of bed, and I said, “I’ve got a surprise! The power is back on. You and Carter can watch television, I can cook you an egg and pancakes…”, and as I was finishing the word “pancake”, Ammon chimed in with, “…and you can have coffee!”.  I cracked up! I concurred and said, “Yes, ma’am, Daddy can have coffee!”

3 thoughts on “Ammon Moment

  1. Cute! The other day, my cousin, James, told me that I wasn’t allowed to say ‘duh’ anymore because that was ‘his word’. He says it all the time, but if you say something like, “What do you think of Star Wars?” “Duh.”

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