Finder of Lost Loved Ones

I have a first cousin, Kimberly Jones Moore, who, evidently, enjoys finding and keeping in touch with her relatives. She found me on Facebook this week, and she and I became “friends”. Now, the blessing which she gave me was the re-connection with her sister, Debbie Jones George, with whom I was very close growing up. As a matter of fact, Debbie is only 3 days older than I .Debbie and I began exchanging messages on Friday, and we spoke together for the first time in almost 17 years on Saturday. We had a joyous reunion, and it was such a blessing. Thank you Kimberly & Facebook (and you too, God)  for finding a “lost” loved one. Debbie and I are looking forward to communicating and sharing our lives again for the remainder of our days.

My beloved cousin, Debbie Jones George

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