“How to Succeed…”: Broadway

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette

What a comical treat to see Daniel Radcliffe in a happy, teasing role instead of his brooding, troubled Harry Potter, and what a contrast to Daniel’s role as Alan Strang in Equus where his character creates a mythological theology where the horse “gods” watch what he does and he later stabs innocent horse victims in the eyes! I saw Equus here on Broadway just a few weeks before the babies were born in 2008. Daniel was awesome. However…. 2011…

Daniel Radicliffe is a superb comedian and his singing and dancing is great as well. He was entertaining and full of energy for almost 3 hours (could have been a half hour to an hour shorter without character Rosemary’s multiple reprisals). I would suggest that anyone with the time and money see “How to Succeed…” if at all possible. You will not be disappointed.  John Laroquette is great as well, but he is known for being a comedian. A hilarious addition to the cast is Tammy Blanchard.  She plays a Hedy La Rue a ditzy “secretary” with whom John Laroquette has been having a fling. She is nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for a 2011 Tony award. She helps make the show a “success”, and I predict she will win her Tony.

The babies and I also got to see Wonderland. It was appropriate for children and similar to “Alice in Wonderland”, but it wasn’t as animated (no bunny costumes, or Walruses, or mice, etc.) as we had hoped so as to keep Ammon and Carter engaged. They got a little bored, but they behaved very well. As we left the show MANY people around us congratulated them and us for having such well-behaved 2 YEAR OLDS. While they whine at home, pull each other’s hair, smack, and cry we lose sight of the big picture, and forget that, yes, indeed, they are wonderfully well-behaved children and travelers. Back to the show…if you are a fan of “Alice in Wonderland” you might want to see it; however, I would suggest renting the Walt Disney cartoon or the latest Johnny Depp version for a more fulfilling experience. ;o)

2 thoughts on ““How to Succeed…”: Broadway

  1. Daniel Radcliffe is pretty awesome! I’m watching Harry Potter right now…well some of them repeat themselves over and over when they go off, so sometimes I just keep them on for a while for sound.

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