New York: Cranberry Cafe

 I am also going to make some posts about where to find some good food and beverages. I am going to start with the Cranberry Café (115 West 45th Street) which is right around the corner from our Comfort Inn at Times Square. It is on 45th Street. This place has homemade sandwiches and wraps. They also have pizza and hamburgers. The BEST DEAL there is a 16 oz. cup of coffee for $1.75: It’s delicious coffee (especially the hazelnut), and it sure beats paying $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

I have also had the pleasure of speaking in Spanish this week at The Cranberry Cafe with a cashier named Diana. She is so sweet, open, and friendly. It is also apparent that she has a wonderful work ethic. The owners need to know how lucky they are to have her. She has made our morning coffee ritual extra special with her engaging conversation and bright personality. I will post our Cranberry pictures when we get home…Diana included. ;o)

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