Birthday/New York Broadway

The first part of this post is not a self-absorbed, I want attention, “hooray for Haven”, but I am grateful to our Heavenly Father that it is my birthday today (Saturday May 7). I am so blessed, and that is my point: Ammon, Carter, Sean, My mother, my pets, my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ, my pets, my health, etc. I am honored that God is giving me another year to serve Him and grow closer to Him. Thank you, God, through Jesus ;o)

Okay, Ammon and Carter have been having a great time especially in Central Park. I will post actual pics of Ammon and Carter on the Central Park Carousel when we get home, but accept this one for the moment. We were also disappointed to find Niko’s Mediterranean Grill (Greek food) closed. It was located at 76th and Broadway. They had the BEST Moussaka ..yum, yum, yum…oh, well, not any more. We, however, found our way to one of our favorite sandwich diners: Deluxe. It’s up on Broadway at Columbia University, and it is located between 113 and 114 Streets. I had a delicious New York Burger!!

We also saw an awesome reprisal show last night: The Normal Heart. It is about the AIDS epidemic here in New York City between the years of 1981-1984. The actors were SUPERB. Joe Mantello is a such a realistic actor. His raw emotions come across as so believable. I am also for the first time a fan of Ellen Barkin. I was lost in her portrayal of the doctor who was researching and treating the AIDS patients. I could have REALLY believed she was a doctor! I highly recommend seeing this play if you are in New York.

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