Mother’s Day (Hey, wasn’t that Sunday?)!

My mother’s (please note Mamaw and Mama is the same person throughout) Mother’s Day actually started the day of the horrific weather with tornadoes on April 27. The household was at the end of our kitchen re-decorating, and the downstairs was a mess. I had taken Carter and Ammon to Mamaw’s house just a few minutes after the first tornado/damaging winds blew through. Around lunch time, I was headed to eat and do some grocery shopping, and I heard that local schools were turning out early so the buses could get children home before the next line of severe weather blew in. Because I was right in the same parking lot as the Barnes and Noble Book Store, I quickly ran in and found my mother several mystery novels (those that have a bit of humor) that she loves to read so well, and I headed back to Varnell to retrieve my children. I handed Mama the books, gave her a kiss, and I said, “Happy early Mother’s Day!” We then returned home to make sure we all weathered the storm together as a family.

The storms put everything behind: Packing for New York, cleaning house, spending time with Mama. Before leaving for New York, Mamaw was coming to our house to spend time with us; however, there was a road block between her house and our house (the storm-devastated town of Apison is between here and there), and the police department turned Mama around. She called later and apologized for not making it to see the children. We were not able to give her the Mother’s Day cards, so I carried them with me to mail from New York.

On Sunday morning (Mother’s Day), Mamaw was the first person I thought of when I woke up. I also called her as I scooted over to the Cranberry Café for my hazelnut coffee. She sounded bright and chipper as always, and I wished her, “Happy Mother’s Day!”. Now, the best/worst part is that the cards I mailed from New York are just now making it to Varnell (LOL), so her Mother’s Day celebration is extending.

 I could write a novel about my mother; however,  I am going to repeat to you all that she is one of my heroes in life: wonderful wife, devoted daughter to her parents, awesome mother, spectacular grandmother to her four grandchildren and one great-grandchild, breast cancer survivor, and so much more. As so many millions of us can attest to with their mothers, she is a reflection of Jesus Christ: she loves me/us (all the family) unconditionally. I am so honored and blessed to have her. So, one more time (now the TUESDAY after Mother’s Day) Happy Mother’s Day, Mama, and I love you.

Ammon, Mamaw, Haven, & Nana (who had a great Mother's Day too)

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