Fun in the Sun: A double-edged sword

Fun side of the sword:Carter and Ammon enjoyed their first 2011 “Romp in the Sprinklers” today. They had a ball! I think my favorite part was when they spent about 20 minutes playing a game of “on and off” where Carter played with the sprinkler while Ammon turned it on and off. The best part of that game was when Ammon would turn off the hose, Carter would pick it up, and as he would be looking at it, Ammon would turn it back on into his face with a sneaky chuckle of “Hee, hee, hee!” I cracked up! Did that stop Carter? Nope, not at all. Like I said they played that game for about 20 minutes.

Now, the other side of the sword: Skin cancer! Ammon and Carter were covered from head to toe with SPF 50 sun block. I spent Tuesday morning at the dermatologist having my rosacea laser-zapped, and in January 2010, I had a pre-cancer taken off my head. Fun in the Sun is awesome, but we have to remember to use sun block. Don’t think skin cancer cannot happen to you. We have a 19 year-old friend who has plenty of melanin, but she has also had skin cancer, so, please, please, please EVERYONE use sun block.

Ammon & Carter

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