Lightening Bugs

Lightening Bugs (Fire Flies)

I saw our first lightening bugs about a month ago, but they were hovering up in the tree-tops. Last night before bed, I saw them in the field next to our house. I am anticipating catching my first lightening bug and with that catch all the childhood memories of the event. Just sitting here typing this, I can feel the coolness of the green grass on my bare feet and picture the dusky evening at Mamaw’s house in Varnell. Of course, there is the memory of the obligatory Ball’s jelly jar with the tin lid with holes poked in the top as the lightening bug receptacle.

Oh, me. I am looking forward to Carter and Ammon catching the lightening bugs with me. They caught a few last summer, but I know they don’t remember. I am going to enjoy sharing the tradition of this summer time event. I hope you all can enjoy it at your house too.

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