Summer Mornings

It was only until I had a home, a family, and MANY CHORES to do that I really appreciated the summer, early-morning hours. I get up around 6:30 during the work-week days. On Thursday morning, I was reminded how I enjoy the pre-summer/summer mornings: Birds singing, the dew on the grass, the sun coming up in the east! It is absolutely gorgeous and enjoyable. I can turn the hounds out for a cool, morning romp, I can pull weeds from around our flowers, I can clean our pool, I can fill up the bird feeders, and so much more!

It also looks as though we are continuing a trend that started last summer. Carter and Ammon get up earlier too. I think it’s because of the sun coming into their nursery. It is so much cooler in the mornings, and if we go out and play before breakfast, they are ravenous when we sit down at the breakfast table. Now, I know we are still in May, but it looks as though we have settled in to our “summer routine”.

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