Hoot Owl Hooting in July (why?)

The hooting is cool with me. I would just like to know (inquiring
minds want to know) why it’s hooting in the middle of the summer. According to
the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Great Horned Owl’s (the hoot owl)
time to stake territory and lay eggs is January. If this hoot owl up on the
mountain is hooting just because it feels like it then more power to it. I hope
it’s hooting because it’s happy!

We were jogging last Saturday night (7-9-11) between 8 and 9 in
the evening, and it began hooting away. It was such a treat. It reminded me of
when Josh, my daddy coonhound, had his last romp up on the mountain. It was
July 4, 2006. There were fireworks all around us that evening, and the hoot owl
up there must have been a little “ticked off” because when we passed it by, it
began an eerie “Ooo, ooo, ahh, ahh,” screech that led into its familiar “hoot”
that I could indentify. For about two seconds there it almost scared the “bee-jitters”
out of me, but I quickly collected myself without losing any bodily functions.

My absolute favorite time to hear this owl hoot is on a crisp,
chilly, autumn evening. When it happens this coming fall, I will let you all
know. Until then, keep up with those summer hoots hoot owl!

2 thoughts on “Hoot Owl Hooting in July (why?)

  1. when i first moved to atlanta I was so overwhelmed. one of the things that kept me sane was a giant hoot owl who lived in the woods of my neighborhood. I listened to him to put myself to sleep and let him drown out all the other noise

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