Favorite Peformer (at this moment)

lady gaga fashion 2

Carter, and I have a confession…we enjoy listening to Lady Gaga. It wasn’t
something that was planned. It just happened. You see, it started with Sean (
an avid pop music lover) watching Youtube videos of Lady Gaga and many other
artists this past winter while Cater and Ammon watched. We have bought Lady Gaga CD albums since the beginning of her career, and we do listen to her songs on the radio. However, we neither talk about her a lot nor do we play her much on the  house’s stereo  system

In May when we were in New York City, we passed by a marquee
with Lady Gaga on it, and as we strolled by, Ammon shouted, “There’s Lady Gaga!”
We adults simply looked at each other in surprise and rolled on. The next day Carter
said the same thing. The next thing we knew both Carter and Ammon would be
hearing the opens measures of either “Born this Way” or “On the Edge” and they
would once again say, “Lady Gaga!”. They really like her music, and we haven’t
pushed her at all.

Lady Gaga HBO The Monster Ball Tour Madison Square garden

(Ammon and Carter’s New York Poster)

This past week, Weird Al Yancovic released his parody of “Born
this Way” with “I Perform this Way”. Ammon and Carter thinks it’s wonderful,
and they watch it over and over. In the past two days, we’ve spent some time
distinguishing the silly man pretending to be Lady Gaga and the real Lady Gaga.
They are adjusting as well as any two and half year olds could. ;o)

We hope you enjoy the video we are including of “The Edge”.
For some of you who may not know Lady Gaga does not like to lip sync to her
songs. She spent a lot of time at a school of performing arts improving her simultaneous
stage dancing and stage singing. I think she is a phenomenal
live performer.


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