Be Prepared!

Thank you, Raid!

It’s so funny what excites a stay-at-home parent when it
comes to “free-time”.  When Carter and
Ammon fell asleep on Tuesday (please see yesterday’s blog), I immediately began
gathering garbage for the Wednesday morning garbage pick-up at an excited pace. The garbage truck passes by every Wednesday at 7:00 a..m (sometimes before!), so I try to make sure the garbage is in its container and ready to go on  Tuesday evenings.

It probably took 15 minutes to gather everything, and I was
dragging garbage bags to our truck that sits outside full-time. It’s my
favorite vehicle for hauling. I wish it could stay in the garage, but there isn’t
room. Since I don’t travel to a physical job any longer, it doesn’t travel
much, and the last time I filled its tank was back in May. As I tossed my first
bag of garbage in the truck bed, I felt a sharp sting on my right ankle. I
stepped back, looked at the truck, and I saw wasps with red abdomens swarming
around it. I ran into the garage and turned back. The wasps were entering and
exiting from the gas cap behind the gas-cap door. I immediately ran to the
garage, grabbed our Raid wasp and hornet spray, and I began spraying.  When I felt it was safe to open the gas cap
door, I found about 6 dead wasps and a huge, papery wasps’ nest about 4 inches
long. I quickly lifted up a prayer of, “Thank you God that neither Carter nor
Ammon were stung!” Ammon and Carter had just played around that truck three hours
earlier with no signs of wasps!

Okay, my advice to you all is to keep a can of wasp and
hornet spray handy every spring and summer. It helped my predicament
tremendously, and if you prepare yourself for just this such of an “emergency”
you won’t regret it. Raid, you can send me my gratuity for promoting your
product any day now. ;o)

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