Ammon & Carter Moment

Lunch can wait!

Tuesday had not been a bad day at all. No one was tired from it
being a bad or troublesome day. However, Ammon and Carter had gotten up early
(approximately 7:20 a.m.). That part had worked out nicely because I had
planned us three a “morning out”. After I had showered and gotten Carter and
Ammon dressed, we went to Bojangle’s for breakfast. Carter had a sausage and
biscuit and Ammon had an egg and biscuit. We had a great experience.

Next, I had promised Carter a trip to the Dollar General to
look for a Styrofoam rocket that shoots with a simple pump of the hand. While
we were there, he got a rocket, Ammon got a rocket, and we also got a few other
knick-knacks. When we got home, we immediately started playing with the rockets
in the yard, riding tricycles, drawing with our sidewalk chalk, and chasing
each other. We then went inside, drank some good, cold, apple juice then went
to play upstairs in their playroom. Right before they came downstairs, I
started their lunch (fish sticks and home-made mashed potatoes).  They decided to rest on the couch. When I put
the finishing touches on the potatoes, I went to call Carter and Ammon to the
table. They were asleep. It was a precious moment that I was able to catch on
film, write about, and share with you all. Thank you all for reading, and thank
you God for precious moments however great or small.  Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

6 thoughts on “Ammon & Carter Moment

  1. You do with the children what I do with our big dogs–you wear them out! That’s so good for everyone! You’ll remember these things in years to come!

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