Carter & Ammon Breakfasts

Man, I wish I could eat a “good” breakfast like Ammon and
Carter (the bigger “good breakfasts” I eat the bigger my stomach gets)! I knew before they were born that I wanted them to have a
complete, nutritious breakfast at the beginning of the day. I envisioned our
bright and sunny kitchen with a our breakfast table laden with breakfast meats,
whole grain toast, and fruits. You know what? We’re doing it! We even have
yogurt. I had never imagined yogurt.

Sausage links for Carter!

Yogurt and eggs for Ammon!

As we all know, it’s interesting to observe the difference
in the tastes which of course will change with time of Carter and Ammon.
Carter enjoys his breakfast meats (patty sausage, link sausage, and sometimes
bacon).  Carter does not like eggs. However, Ammon asks for scrambled eggs every day, and only eats some breakfast meat every once in a while. They both enjoy their fruits (grapes, strawberries,pineapple, etc,), and they both enjoy their yogurt. For breads, we alternate
toast, biscuits, and pancakes.

6 thoughts on “Carter & Ammon Breakfasts

  1. WOW! I am impressed! My boys had toast and eggs this morning…we were spoiled at the grandparents last week when they got pancakes, sausage and eggs almost everyday!

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