Happy Grilling!

Grilling time at our house!

At the end of last summer, our Kenmore gas grill shut down.
I was very disappointed because I was grilling at least once a week and
sometimes twice. I really need to practice how to grill chicken (my chicken on
the grill always winds up too dry), but I am pretty good at steaks, hamburgers,
and hot dogs.

After almost a year, we got our grill fixed!
Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiippeeeeeeee! I was so excited. Why is it that everything seems to
taste better from the grill? Has anyone ever seen or read any research? Why is
it that men are more inclined to grill than women? The only reason I can think
of is that it is a constant fixation on a single task: No job to worry about,
no outside chore to do, no inside chore to do, no spouse to think about, no
child to think about, no worries (except getting that food to taste as good as

Haven's 1st grill of 2011: July 14, 2011

On Thursday, I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I really
enjoyed it, and I hope to be grilling quite a bit more before cool weather sets
in this autumn.


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