Cheetos Theater

Ammon & Carter's Cheetos Theater

On Tuesday evening, I got to enjoy my first theatrical
performance by Carter and Ammon. It was basically puppetry with the puppets being none other than Cheetos Crunchy (just plain cheese not spicy)! Yes, you heard correctly. Please allow me to share a few lines of the play with you all.

“Hey, how are you?”, “I’m fine”. “Nice to meet you. Can I
have a kiss?”. “Sure” (the two cheese curls meet across the table and kiss). As I continued eating my salad more dialogue emerged. “Help, I broke my leg!” “Me too! I broke my leg too!” Folks, I was thoroughly entertained, and I’m considering taking this to Broadway.

I am so glad Ammon and Carter have an active imagination,
and as all you parents or parent figures know, children are very fun and entertaining. I am so blessed to have two entertainers like Ammon and Carter.

Before we leave you all on this fine Wednesday, we have to
say, “Happy Birthday” to Carter and Ammon’s cousin, Alusha. He is 12 years old today. We love you, Alusha!

Alusha pushing Ammon, Orrin, & Carter Easter 2011

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