Christmas 2010/Christmas in July

Anticipating Santa: December 2010

White Christmas 2010

Does anyone need a break from the heat with its 90 degree temperatures? Gaze at the picture for minute. For you in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia, is it all coming back to you? Christmas morning 2010. Our first, truly, White Christmas since 1969! Wasn’t it COOL and refreshing?

Do you ever think about “Christmas in July”? I enjoy picking up Christmas gifts all during the year (it’s okay until it’s gift wrapping time, and I forget where I put them!…LOL). Do you enjoy Christmas shopping in July?  Do you, indeed, think of December weather to help you make it through the balmy summer? Whatever the case, I thought I would share “Christmas in July” with you all as well as a several pictures of that day. Enjoy!

Carter & Sponge Bob 12-25-2010

Ammon and her guitar: 12-25-2010

The Nativity Flag: December 25, 2010

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2010/Christmas in July

  1. I do start to collect gifts; lemme know about the kids’ gifts. i also forget where i put them. which is problematic!

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