Praise the Lord for Mamaw

Mamaw & Carter Summer 2011

Mamaw & Ammon Summer 2011

I’ve mentioned how grateful I am to my mother for helping
take care of Carter and Ammon. Well, I am doing it again, and it won’t be the
last. When I leave Ammon and Carter with my mother (their Mamaw), I don’t have
any worries. I know they will be fed, clothed, played with, entertained, and
most importantly loved. If I knew I had to die in a few hours, I would be
satisfied knowing that Carter and Ammon would have a lot of love and nurturing
from Mamaw in the coming years. I have never known anyone who loves children as
much as my mother does. I was so blessed that God gave me my mother and my
father to be born to.

Carter and Ammon were with Mamaw on Monday night. There are so many things to get done at our house and in our yard, and Mamaw (Aunt Karen helps too…thank you Aunt Karen!) allowing them to stay with her for a couple of days and a night every now and then helps me get them done.  As I left them
with her on Monday morning (and as we always do) we all said “Good bye! I love
you. Be good, and be careful.” We also gave hugs and kisses. I left my babies
playing and happy, and I had no worries. Thank you God, for my wonderful and caring mother, and thank you, Mamaw for being who God made you.

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