Spiral Timelines & Julie Stokes


Several years ago when I was completing my Master’s Degree
in Education, I had an interesting professor for my History of Education class.
He had us students do a timeline of our lives not as a linear timeline, but a
spiral timeline. It looked like a spiral galaxy when we finished. He said
something to the effect that events as well as people in our lives can “circle
around” and come side by side with us again (kind of like there is
nothing new in education, it just has new names).

I have found the idea of a spiral timeline to be so true.
These past few years have found me re-connecting with some wonderful family and
friends with whom I was either very close to or with whom I worked with and
really respected at one point or another. Thanks to Facebook, I have been
re-connected to a wonderful friend, a great Christian lady, and educational
colleague, Julie Stokes (another friend, Virginia Foley, was involved in Julie
contacting me…Love ya, Virginia!).

Caden, Julie, & Kobe Stokes

After several months of Facebook corresponding, Julie and
her two boys, Caden and Kobe, came for dinner and a swim last Saturday. It was
an awesome reunion. Julie and I caught up on life, and Caden and Kobe were
wonderful playmates for Ammon and Carter. Kobe and Caden are several years
older, but they were so kind, gentle, and helpful to Carter and Ammon while
they swam: Great mentors I say. They have an awesome mother, so why wouldn’t
they be awesome themselves. My family and I are looking to many more years of
spending great fellowship time with Julie and her family.

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