New School Year!

This blog today is dedicated to teachers. Quite a few area
schools (K-12) are starting this week.  If
you haven’t already done so, ask God and the Spirit to bless your
classroom/classrooms, and if it makes you feel better “lay hands” on each wall
of the room while you ask the blessings. Teaching has changed so much in the
past 25-30 years, and you can never tell what type of “baggage” the students
are bringing into the classroom. In your prayers, I can advise you to ask that
every student who comes in there feel safe, and that each one is blessed
mentally, physically, and educationally with no harms.

As so many of us have experienced in our lives, natural
disasters occur all year round. Ask God to protect your areas from natural
disasters as well: Tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. I taught in the classroom from
1989 to the spring of 2008. Each time I entered a new classroom (usually during
pre-planning). I ALWAYS found a few minutes to close my classroom door, get on
my knees, and pray to God that he bless my students and my room. I also asked
Him to bless me to be a better teacher.

Good luck all my teaching friends, and may God bless you in
your teaching endeavors this year.

4 thoughts on “New School Year!

  1. What a wonderful post. TY. I’ve been teaching in some capacity for 40 years, and it is good to be remembered with prayer.

  2. I took your advice and asked God to bless my students, to guide them as they traveled the maize of school and life, and to guide my hand and heart and mind to give them the best of me this year. Thanks Haven.

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