Daughter & Son

"The Daughter" & "The Son" (Ammon & Carter)

These two pieces of Lladró as well as our “Fatherhoods” are
on the mantle now with Jesus. Their names are very appropriate: “The Daughter”
& “The Son”. Sean got these for me Christmas 2010. The person who made
these molds has either had their own children or studied the actions of
children. These figurines depict the fun and mischievous nature of Carter and
Ammon, and I love them dearly. These pieces will be in the middle of the living
room for years to come.

4 thoughts on “Daughter & Son

  1. You have the most personal, thoughtful pieces of art. Enjoy them and those two little darlings each day, time rushes and love stays.


    • Hi, Helen. Well, please consider us in your lounge room in your thoughts and in your heart. Lord willing, we will get to your house when we visit Australia in a few years…Lord willing. Love to you, Haven

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