Suit case & Pocket book

Parents you can all relate to this because it is timeless.
We decided that we wanted Ammon and Carter to enroll in Kindermusik. This program
is usually in conjunction with a college or university’s music academy. Our
children love music: Mozart, children’s songs, Chopin, Lady Gaga, etc.;
however, we wanted them to be in an environment with other children growing and
learning with music.

Carter, Ammon, and I went to class, and they did, indeed,
enjoy their first day. It is a 15 week program, and we received two mesh-net
packages with CDs, books, and musical instruments. When we got home, Ammon and
Carter emptied their bags. Ammon’s bag became a “pocket book” stuffed with
black walnuts and shoes, and Carter’s bag became a “suit case” stuffed with toy
cars and black walnuts. When Mamaw asked how Kindermusik went I laughed and
chided and said, “We paid $300 for a pocket book and a suit case!”

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