Change of Pace

Ammon and Carter went to Mamaw’s to spend Tuesday, Tuesday
night, and a good part of the day Wednesday (today). As soon I I got home from Mamaw’s
I began chores: picking up toys through the house, laundry, gathering garbage,
etc. I even had time to finish a future article for publication. In my mind, I
had the remainder of the evening planned to do more chores and finish the
evening with a jog and typing. However, there was a pleasant change.

Sean had finished with all of his patients, completed all
his computer work, and did his charts for the day. When he came home early, he
said, “ We need to go get some office supplies.” I immediately looked at the
time, and it was 3:00. I also found a movie that started at 4:30. Things flew
into place. We got the office supplies, saw Captain
, ate a quick, healthy dinner, came home and jogged. It was a great
change of pace for the week! I was even able to come home and do some typing.
We need these types of days every once in a while don’t we? And, yes, I do advise you to see Captain America if you enjoy those type of Americana adventures.

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