The summer of 2008 I made several charitable contributions
to some Chattanooga organizations. One of them was to the Partnership for
Families, Children, and Adults (The office on McCallie Avenue is our hub). The
day I went to Partnership I met a wonderful lady named Ann Gunter. Every time I
make a donation, I prefer to go in person so I can talk with Ann. She has been
my friend since before Carter and Ammon were born, and she has watched them
grow these past 3 years. She is a wonderful lady, and we appreciate her work at
Partnership. She is also so loving and giving to Ammon and Carter.  On Thursday when we visited, Ann gave them a gift bag with stickers, fun straws, candy, and snack sets for
snack time! They love it all!

Partnership helps so many people. I cannot begin to list
everything they do, but I have donated to help abused children and to the elderly
in instances where an older person is still independent but needs a helping
hand with buying groceries, postage stamps, paying a utility bill, or whatever,
Partnership provides that assistance. Thank you Partnership for all you do, and
thank you Ann! You’re great!

423-755-2822 (Main Office)

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