Future Doctors?

During the past 10 days, Ammon and Carter have been
practicing being doctors. They have treated Sean at the hospital for the
hiccups, driven to work to their doctors offices in their “Flintstone” cars, and
actually helped take care of Mamaw’s wasp sting the other day. On Friday, I
remembered a Christmas gift each of them got last year: a doctor’s coat with
doctor’s instruments. They had not seen it in 8 months, and they LOVED IT! Will we
have two more doctors in the family in about 27 years? It’s possible. I hope
everyone enjoys their Saturday! Take care.

Dr. Carter (8-19-2011)

Dr. Ammon (8-19-2011)

4 thoughts on “Future Doctors?

  1. And don’t forget Gator Mators sore throat, love the pictures, tisses to my wee ones, have a great Saturday, love you all!

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