Back to School: Colleges and Universities

If someone you know and love has gone back to a
college or a university this semester, be sure to wish them luck and pray for
them. It may be you returning to school! A good friend of mine, Remell Hall, who was also my adopted grandmother did not get to see me complete my doctorate; however, she did help me get
through my all my class work before my dissertation (all that research,
collecting data, and reporting on the data). She died in 2003, and I defended
and completed my dissertation in 2006. Because of the prayers she as well as
dozens of others lifted up to God on my behalf, God helped me get through those

Some people are blessed to not have to work and can devote
100% of their time to their studies, but some of us have not been that
fortunate. I always worked part time during my undergraduate degree, but during
my masters, specialist, and doctorate degrees I worked full-time. It was so
difficult. The worst was the last two years of my doctorate when I was 700
miles away from my supervising professor, and it was ALL UP TO HAVEN to
complete it. Oh, well, I made it, and I know it was with the help of my dear
friend, Remell and all the others who were praying for me. I would also appreciate you letting me know if you are one who is returning to school as well. I will definitely add you to my prayer list.

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