Claire Lane

My Dear Friend, Claire Lane

For several months I have wanted to write a few words about
my friend, Claire Lane. She has been an educator for nearly 30 years. She lives
and teaches in Hamilton County. She is a spectacular lady, educator, and sister
in Christ. In November of 2007, Claire helped hire me to work at Hixson High
School. I was hired to finish the school year in a Spanish position abruptly
left vacant! I loved working with Claire. In February of 2008, I explained to her about
the in vitro fertilization process I was going through, and she was so

Since the birth of Carter and Ammon, I didn’t see much or hear much from Claire until I found her on Facebook several months ago. Now, God has put us back in each other’s paths. Claire is so wonderful with children and Ammon and Carter are crazy about her. She is also contemplating worshipping full-time with St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
where Sean, Ammon, Carter, and I attend. Claire sat with us during worship
yesterday, and it was awesome. Singing, praying, listening to a gospel sermon,
and taking communion side by side with Claire was such a spiritual boost for me. When
service was over, Ammon grabbed Claire’s hand, dragged her to the foyer, chatted with her, and enjoyed her company. Okay, I could write and write about Ms. Claire. We love her and appreciate her dearly. Claire, we hope you don’t mind the photo. We will change
it if you wish ;o)

3 thoughts on “Claire Lane

  1. I rarely have someone write about me, and I am flattered. Over the years I have lost too many friends because our paths went in different directions, and the silences was deafening, but finding friends and connecting again makes my life so much fuller. Your presence in my world (along with Sean and Carter and Ammon) enriches me and makes my heart joyful, and I look forward to the days and years of friendship and fellowship that lie ahead. Life is about those who add to your joy. And as for the picture, I fear horses and was talked into sitting on this huge animal; that is fear bubbling out of me and not joy. I think I was screaming “get me off of this thing!”

    • Once again, we love you and appreciate you, Claire! Regarding the horse…you know, the horse doesn’t look like it minds. Horses usually cannot stand for scared people to be on them, but this one looks “cool” with the situation. It must of felt what a spectacular person you are and was helping you cope. ;o)

  2. Since August of 2011, we’ve left St. Martins, but that isn’t the point. We still love and admire Claire. She is our friend, she loves us, she prays for us, and she writes often. God’s continual blessings on you and yours, Claire.

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