Fleeting Summer Fun

Who needs a swimming pool? (Carter-8-23-2011)

It sure has been hot, but it is summer! Each season has its
fun and wonderment. We are looking forward to cooler weather, hay stacks with
pumpkins, leaves of different colors, and the anticipations of frosts,
Halloween, and Thanksgiving; however, we will miss the fun and frolic of
summer. We took these pictures of water fun on Tuesday. It was hilarious watching
and listening to Ammon and Carter enjoy the water hose and mop bucket, and I
wanted to snap some photos and share the moment with you all. Have a great
Thursday everyone, and try to gain some sort of enjoyment out of our heat wave.

Ammon & Carter's water hose fun (8-23-2011)

5 thoughts on “Fleeting Summer Fun

  1. Great memories to keep.

    I hope when it cools off, we can plan our annual trip to Trion. We will picnic before we go to the cemetary.

    Stay cool!


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