You mean I get to choose the T.V. Channel?

No Ammon and Carter = no Sponge Bob, Yo Gabba, Gabba, Dora, Fairly Odd Parents, etc.

Carter and Ammon are spending more with their Mamaw. I
always miss them so much while they are gone, but like my good friend Claire
Lane (a wonderful mother I must say) said a few days ago, “Babies need a break
from us just like we need a break from them.”  I do get several chores completed, articles
written, and UTC teaching responsibilities taken care of while they are gone,
but one thing I get to do that rarely happens while we are together is to watch
the television shows I want. You know what the sad thing is? I crave to watch
the news!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I remember
when I was 13, would visit my Nanny Caylor, and be bored out of my mind for an
hour when she watched the news! LOL

The autumn of 2008, I had started teaching online for UTC,
and I was also preparing the house for the birth of Ammon and Carter. It
was also, unfortunately, national election season! I had become so disgruntled with
the mainstream media’s coverage of the election until a good friend told me to watch FOX News (nationalcable not local). This is not a promotional for FOX News by no means, but from the logical, analytical, and pensive mind of Haven, its news is the best for me.
Now, three years later while Ammon and Carter are out of the house, FOX  News stays on while I am in the house
cleaning. The news casters are almost like family now. I am a Facebook friend
with one of them, and the last time we were in New York City staying at 46th
and Times Square (two blocks from the FOX News building), I got up at 6:30 am,
ran over to the building, and shouted “Happy Birthday” to Brian Kilmeade (FOX
and Friends) who shares a birthday with me. He was doing an interview outside. I
really like FOX News, and I highly recommend it.

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