Ammon & Carter chores

Ammon and Carter have been helping pick up toys for over a
year now. They can also clean tables and chairs with towelettes. We have very
rarely made cleaning into a game, and they seem to understand that it is a
chore that has to be done. I was so excited today when I decided to recycle
some water that was put into Carter and Ammon’s turtle wading pool on
Wednesday. On Friday evening, I decided to take several buckets full of water
to our rose bushes for watering. These have to be the HARDIEST roses I’ve ever
seen. Mamaw got them for me on my 39th birthday which was also my
first birthday here at this house. The pink rose bush has even been mowed down,
but praise the Lord had established good roots! Okay, so I simply asked Carter
and Ammon to help me, and they did! In total, we carried three buckets of water
(per rose bush) to the roses. I was so proud of Ammon and Carter for helping. I
am sure some of you have children and grandchildren who do far more than this,
but it was so nice that they volunteered to help. I bragged and bragged and
thanked them several times! I hope and pray we will never have chore issues
here, but I am preparing myself if we do. I hope everyone has a wonderful

P. S. We also want to let our friends and relatives know
that we are praying for very little property damage and no injuries or loss of
lives during the East Coast’s Hurricane Irene weekend. God bless you all!

2 thoughts on “Ammon & Carter chores

  1. Oh there will be chore issues, but starting them early means typical grumbling and whining, but they already know what you expect. You are right to start them early with responsibilities.

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