Dentist and Little Debbies

….no, my trips to the Little Debbie thrift store have not caused me to have cavities!  LOL ;o)

Happy Tuesday folks!

Monday morning held a schedule that was out of the ordinary.
It was my semi-annual teeth cleaning and check-up day. I started going to
Hamilton Family Dentistry almost a year ago, and I really like Dr. Bradley Brewer
and his staff. When I asked him when he suggested bringing in children, he
recommended that they be at least 3 years old. Now, Carter and Ammon did not
have their teeth cleaned, but I wanted them to go with me yesterday to build
their schema for their future trips to the dentist.

Mamaw accompanied us, and for about the first 10 minutes,
Carter and Ammon did great. They were very interested and watched what the hygienist
was doing. I was very proud of them. However, Mamaw decided that they were getting
to “wired up”, and she took them out in the lobby for the last 10 minutes. The
morning wasn’t over after my appointment. Carter, Ammon, Mamaw, and I all had
lunch together, and we headed to the house. Before we returned home, Mamaw decided
that she wanted some Little Debbie snack cakes, so we dropped by their thrift
store. I learn so much from watching grandparents. Mamaw allowed Carter and
Ammon to choose their own boxes of snack cakes, and then she gave them the money
to pay for them. Ammon and Carter seemed so grown up handing their money to the
cashier. I am so glad my children have their Mamaw to help build their life
skills and more importantly their character skills.

2 thoughts on “Dentist and Little Debbies

  1. Oh my gosh, how sweet is that, I just busted out crying, how I wish I could have been there, it has been a trying couple of days, I will call you in the morning, I am just wore out, and finally had to put my foot down tonight about things that I did NOT want to do when I get home at 10:45…
    I am so thankful too that Mom got to do that with the wee ones, I love you all so, so much, much love to you and Sean, and those cutie pies!

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