Babies and the Couch


Carter and Ammon haven’t been sleeping too well these past few nights. Carter woke up during the early morning hours at approximately 4:00 (I think…my eyes couldn’t focus on the clock…LOL) I rubbed his back, and, eventually, he went back to sleep; however, he was mumbling a bit. Because I didn’t want to keep getting in and out of bed, I gathered up my gear to sleep on the couch that is in the living room right outside Carter and Ammon’s room in case Carter or Ammon cried again. Oh, it brought back some memories….

When Ammon and Carter were newborns, we all three slept in the living room. They would be fed at 10:00 at night, and I would put them down to sleep in their bassinets. I then would plant myself on the couch anticipating a few hours of coveted sleep. About 2:00 AM one of the two would make a peep, I would dash off the couch, grab whoever it was, change it, feed it (with me being half asleep of course), get it back in the bassinet, grab the other one (awake or asleep), change it, feed it, and return it to its bassinet as well, and all was done! Right before they started sleeping through the night, I had the process down to right at an hour. Routine, routine, routine. I miss my newborns, but I am so thankful that the OVERWHELMING majority of the time, I get a complete night’s sleep, and I get to play and communicate with my toddlers. Time moves on.

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