Carter and the Barber

If you know a young boy/girl who needs a trip to the barber in a location that is “kid friendly”, you need to try the Classic Barber in Hixson. We highly recommend it. If you are a reader from another town/state/country/continent (once again I have friends in Australia and Ireland), hopefully you know a similar barber. First of all, the owner of the barber shop made a huge corner of his shop “kid friendly”. It has a television set with several different children’s DVDs to choose from, and I think if you request, he has some type of TV “plays station”. There is also a chess board and some other toys. There are also 4 flat-screen televisions to choose from too. We’ve never played, but there are two pool tables as well.

The barbers themselves are so kind to children. You can tell that the owner has chosen barbers who actually like children.  They don’t talk “baby talk”, but they speak to the children on their level. Some barbers only use electric clippers. The first time Carter heard clippers where I get my hair cut, he cried. However, these gentlemen will use the sheers at your request. Now, because of the trust Carter has in them, he will allow them to use the clippers. Carter is so still and good for them, and I am so grateful. He has never once cried or twitched or complained. They tell him that he is better than some adults. At the end of each hair cut, Carter gets to choose a sucker, and even though she doesn’t get her hair cut, Ammon gets to choose one too. We look forward to our hair cuts at the Classic Barber.

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