No Electronic Entertainment?!

Unfortunately, my children really love television. However,
they love to read as well, but they do spend loads of time more watching T. V.
than reading. When Carter wakes up in the morning, the first thing he wants to
do is “Turn on the T. V.” After 24 hours without power last Tuesday, both
Carter and Ammon had it archived in their minds that we had no power so that meant no T. V. On Wednesday morning, we had enough sunshine to get up to see things normally in the house. After breakfast, we decided that we wanted to read. It was the most we
had read at one time in probably a year. We read Marvin K. Mooney will you Please Go Now! two times (once for Carter and once for Ammon). We then read several other books as well.

After reading, we went outside to play, and I guess we
played for about 30 minutes. We wanted to play more, but we had to get ready
for Kindermusik. That play time was so fulfilling. Running, kicking soccer
balls, playing hop-scotch, and running while playing “you can’t catch me” were
all amplified and more enjoyable because we weren’t trapped by the indoors and
its magnetic-hypnotic appeal. I do hate having to do without electricity, but I
do enjoy that closeness we share when we depend on each other for entertainment.

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