My Best Friend (but only during the Power Outage)…

….I’m such a “fair-weathered friend”. LOL

Such a good friend! (Especially Septembers 6 & 7, 2011)

My friend, Pam Patty Townsend, will really find it amusing that my best
friend for last Tuesday and Wednesday was our gas grill. She is the friend who
told me it sounded like I was “in love” with my Kitchen Aide coffee pot! LOL

Sean and I were so surprised that our electricity did not
come back on during the night/early morning hours of last Tuesday after the
power went out late Monday evening. On Tuesday morning Carter, Ammon, and I went out for biscuits, but somehow by then, I wasn’t in a coffee mood. Up in the afternoon of Tuesday, I got a craving for coffee, and I went outside to the gas grill to check it
out. I had only imagined the North Georgia/Southeast Tennessee Blizzard of 1993
when my gas grill in Varnell worked, but took so long to just simply boil a
saucepan of water. I was dreading waiting for 30 minutes for a cup of coffee,
but I was willing to do so! We’ve had the grill for three years, and it has two
side panels as shelves. Folks, I had forgotten that the left shelf had a burner
under it. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa! There was my coffee burner! I clicked my
heels, ran in the house, got our glass saucepan, and made me two cups of
coffee. Boy, it was nice. The real treat was making coffee at 6:30 A.M. on
Wednesday morning before Carter and Ammon got up! I thought I was 13 years old
again and camping on Lake Lanier on one of our many fishing trips! Oh, the
memories, and oh that blessed caffeine! ;o)

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