Screech Owl

I’ve never seen a Screech Owl up close, but I have heard them a
lot during my life. Our Screech Owl has been “screeching” its tune off and on
for about 2 weeks now. I love the contrast sound to our Great Horned Owl’s
(Hoot Owl) “hoot” that I wrote about back in July. The 3 second trill of the
Screech Owl, to me, has a “cold” sound to it. It wasn’t cold the first night I
heard it some days ago, but the memory is of chilly October/November, star-lit
nights either listening to them at Nanny Caylor’s house or listening to them
with Katie and Josh the Black and Tan Coonhounds several years ago on a frozen,
moon-lit night up on the ridges of Varnell, Georgia. Either way, I associate
the screech with colder temperatures ;o) You know, since I heard it’s call the
other night, I have tried and tried to remember when I’ve heard both the Hoot
Owl and the Screech Owl on the same night. I cannot. I wonder why that is?
Happy Thursday!

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