Early Autumn( This time of year and a song!)

I got to hear a song on Tuesday called Early Autumn. I had never heard it before. It was a hit in 1949 with Woody Herman. How did I hear it? Well, I’ll let you all in on a tiny
secret…On very rare occasions I listen to the XM Satellite Radio’s channel 4,
the 1940s station! Woo hoo! With it, I make a connection to my Nanny Caylor who, of
course, grew up listening to the radio for entertainment until the 1950s with
its introduction of the television. When I was in high school I use to take home the Time/Life books called This Fabulous Century (the 20thcentury of course) from my school library, and Nanny and I would read over the 1930s and 1940s editions. She and I would discuss the arts, entertainment, important news, music, and fashions of those decades. It was awesome! When I listen to the 1940s channel, I always imagine Nanny standing in her kitchen making dinners to the music, sitting down with a cold glass of
lemonade and the radio during the long, hot summer days of the 1940s, or simply keeping up with the latest news of such events as World War II, the Berlin Blockade, or the
creation of the Israel state.

The other part I enjoyed was the title of the song itself, Early Autumn. Since our flood from Tropical Storm Lee last week, we have been blessed with cooler weather and
lower humidity. We even have a few trees which have started losing their green
and giving way to their autumn colors. As we jog in the evening, there is such
a nice, refreshing breeze and a fresh smell in the air telling us that summer is
losing its muggy grasp. Hearing the song Tuesday was a treat that combined the
love of my grandmother and autumn all in one. It would be so cool to call her
up, and say, “Hi, ya, Nanny! Do you remember the song from 1949, Early Autumn?” ;o)

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