Daddy’s Birthday (September 19, 1939)

He was born in Varnell, Georgia on Tuesday September 19,
1939. He was the first of only two children born to Troy and Naomi Caylor. He was
born at his Nanny Alexander’s house (Nanny, Granddaddy, and Daddy lived with
Nanny Alexander until January of 1941). I forgot the name of Daddy’s doctor,
but Nanny Alexander was in the room when Daddy was born. During the whole
pregnancy, Nanny knew in her heart and prayers that she was going to have a
girl. She had grown up with two younger sisters and was surrounded by girly
things for so long, she just knew she was having a girl…God had a surprise!

When Nanny woke up from the anesthesia and learned she had a
boy, she had a split second of disappointment. She even had Daddy’s name picked
out as Hannah Rebekah (both from the Bible); however, when she heard the news,
she, of course, had to give up all of her plans. Knowing Nanny the way my Nanny
Alexander and Granddaddy did, they knew she wouldn’t mind if THEY named him (I’m
serious. They knew she wouldn’t mind, and she didn’t). While Nanny was sleeping and Nanny Alexander and Granddaddy gave Daddy his first bath, they named him Oliver Haven Caylor: Oliver from Nanny’s father, William Oliver Alexander, and Haven from
Granddaddy’s father, Luther Haven Caylor.

I could keep writing and writing about Daddy, but emotionally it’s kind of
difficult, so I will say just one more thing. From 1979 until his death on May
28, 1982, my father and I shared a multiplicity of wonderful times together. My
favorite times that I have stored in my heart were when he and I traveled back
and forth to church together and discussed the Lord, the Bible, school, life in general, and Coonhounds. It was such a wonderful and fulfilling experience having Daddy
as both my earthly father AND brother in Jesus Christ. That precious bond is
something that death and time cannot erase. Happy Birthday in heaven, Daddy.

11 thoughts on “Daddy’s Birthday (September 19, 1939)

  1. That was wonderful! You did a great job.
    Give me a call later on some time today if you get a chance, and yes the picture was at the adoption center in Keiv, love you all!

  2. My heart aches for you and is joyous with you; our parents are our lives, and it is hard to let go of them (I know). We never get used to them being gone. What a celebration of life! Your dad would be proud.

    • Oh, man, we need those earthly heroes, don’t we Ms. Pam, and it is soooo appropriate when it is our parents? Thank you for your note…it’s so funny, I just left you a note of Facebook. Love, Haven and the crew

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories of your father, it evoked many memories of my wonderful father the left this earth almost eleven years ago.

    • It was my pleasure, and I am so envious that God allowed you to have your father for so long, Lou. You were a blessed daughter. Thank you for reading and commenting. Love, Haven and the Crew

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  5. Isnt it funny how mothers dream of their children. I was supposed to be a red headed boy named Alexander Briggs Henderson. I’m afraid to say I’m a grey green eyed black haired girl named Jennie. I swore my daughter was going to be a boy. And I was going to name her Haephen the Gaelic spelling of yours and your father’s name because she loved you both so much. well, she’s a spunky little girl named Lucie. The boy name still stands if this side ever manages to break our female streak.

    • Jennie, thank you for your contribution to the blog and for your comments. No, like it is said, “life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”
      It’s great to have family communications, Jennie, chat soon. Haven (a.k.a) Smally

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