Ammon & Carter’s first school project

Carter & Ammon's Marvelous me: September 19, 2011

Well, folks, what do you think of Carter and Ammon’s first
school project? I think the title of the unit the children are working on is “Marvelous
Me”. Ammon and Carter told Sean and me where to put the pictures and stickers.
As you can tell, the pictures represent things Carter and Ammon like to do,
things they like to eat, and things such as cartoons that they like. I hope
everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “Ammon & Carter’s first school project

  1. You and Sean will cherish these memories for the rest of your life. God will reward you for making “love deposits” with your little guys by allowing you to make “memory withdrawals” after they are gone. Thanks for including us.


    • Jerry (Doc), I so enjoy your way with words….”love deposits” and “memory witdrawals”…they bring joy and warmth to my soul. I will DEFINITELY integrate them into my conversations with Ammon and Carter as they grow older. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. I think know what part they helped with… 🙂
    Orrin’s first field trip was today. I didn’t go. It was to Build a bear at the mall. I’m just in over-all protest as to how that matched something in the curriculum. This month’s theme was pets. Really? Build a bear is the best thing you can do for pets?

  3. I believe you may have two artists in the making! Tell them when they get famous that their cousin Dee Dee will love to brag.

    Love Debbie

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